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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Eat Right for Your Type by Dr Peter J. D'Adamo

This book had a big impact on my health. The central premise of the book is that the type of food that is good for you depends on your blood type. This is not qwackery from some deregistered doctor. He makes some very compelling arguments for his position. Consider the following:
1. Human blood types have developed over time in response to the various diets that we have been exposed to as humans moved out of Africa, into Asia and Europe.
2. The blood provides the conduit through which energy is delivered to your cells, so it therefore makes sense to assert that there should be a relationship between your blood type and your dietary needs.

The book is well written, you it does not have the voracity of a scientific study. See Wikipedia. I would have appreciated more info on the science behind the dietary advice, as opposed to offering alot of recipes. Mind you it was helpful to have a list of foods which are beneficial, neutral and harmful, as well as information on which foods and supplements you can take to avoid vitamin deficiencies.

This book can provide both nutritional or weight loss advice since it describes how your stomach can ingest various foods. When you read through the list of foods you can & cannot eat, you will not be totally surprised, as you will have empirical evidence of the validity of this book. I actually came close to the 'right diet' living in Australia - apart from some leg ham and red meat for dinner. I was able to get my cholesterol level down from 5.7 to around 3. Its a lot hard finding the same range of foods in the Philippines, and almost impossible to eat my 'vege-rich' diet in the Philippines. Vegetables in this country seem like a taboo. No sugar or fat! Hence the low life expectancy in this country. We all know there is a strong correlation between diet and life expectancy, though I suspect that this diet advice could do with some more research, thus I would suggest that readers do some further reading.
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